French Fries, Paleo Style

YamFriesOf course I miss french fries.  Who wouldn’t?  But given the potato’s high toxicity, I look for alternatives for an occasional treat.  Many restaurants offer Sweet Potato Fries, so  that should be your first choice over regular french fries if you MUST have them (no salt, please).  Here’s the catch.  Most restaurants also use deep fryers filled with corn oil, vegetable oil, or soybean oil…all non-paloe oils.  Take control of your food choices and make your sweet potato fries at home with olive oil.  If you’re in the mood for an even more decadent treat, try duck fat or tallow (beef fat).  I never use salt because there’s plenty in your root vegetable of choice.  Buy a cheap french fry cutter or use a mandolin, food processor or cut them by hand.  Either way, you’ll enjoy these every time.  Heat your pan over medium heat, cut your room temperature yam, sweet potato, or parsnip, put a generous coating of olive oil or fat in your pan, and test a fry out.  It should immediately sizzle when placed in the oil.  If not, your pan is not hot enough.  If you have a food thermometer, we’re aiming for an oil temperature of 325-350 degrees.  It takes a little practice.  If you have a temperature controlled deep fryer, that’s even easier!  Make sure to turn your fries in the oil if they are not submerged.  They should look golden brown.  Use metal tongs to put cooked fries on a couple paper towels.  Cool and enjoy!  Today’s protein, chicken breast, butterflied, and a mixed green salad.

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