The Lazy, Fast Paleo Meal

BigPileThe easiest meal to make when you’re in a hurry?  I call it, “The Big Pile”.  A big pile of food.  A pile of greens, a pile of carbs, a pile of protein.  Basically, a big pile of nutrients.  Mix and match, three separate piles, three layers of piles, either way, get the nutrients into your body.  Today, I used all the leftover food from the Memorial Day weekend to build my pile.  A pile of Power Greens, kale, red chard, spinach, vitamins A, C, K, a pile of yam home fries, cut on a mandolin or grater, sautéed in olive oil, and a pile of ground turkey, cooked quickly in a pan, with ground black pepper.  What I love about this meal are the crispy, crunches of the home fries, and the savory turkey all in one bite.  It’s fast and easy, and very satisfying!

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