What has four legs, horns, and is for sale at your market?

BisonBreakfastI had family visiting this past weekend and took them to the local farmers’ market to shop for our family meal.  It was a little overcast but I still intended on using the charcoal grill.  I was thrilled to see great grass fed selections, fresh, wild fish and seafood, and plenty of organic produce.  There was fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, too.  We bought wild, Alaskan salmon, free range chicken, and eggs, duck eggs, beets, Brussels sprouts, and asparagus.  But what I was most interested in, that I didn’t expect to see, was bison.  I’ve featured bison before (search bison on the paleobreakfast.me home page), but finding new sources of the meat is always worthy of another post.  What’s great about meeting an independent distributor of bison vs. a supermarket butcher is that you get more first hand information about the processing and treatment of the animals.  For example, the chicken purveyor I met at the market was very specific about the feed used on the chickens.  He even had three separate types of eggs for sale.  Eggs from chickens that were range free but also fed grains, others from chickens that were completely range free and fed sunflower seeds.  This always makes a difference.  This bison was completely grass fed.  Some bison is grass fed and grain finished, meaning, for a period of time right before slaughter, the bison are fed grains.  I bought a few pounds, enough for 8 – 4 oz patties, perfect for another protein choice.  It was delicious.  And, because I’m a very light seasoner and use very little salt, if any, while cooking, it was great to have such flavorful meat.  This morning, I had some extra ground bison and added a side salad of baby kale and baby chard with half an avocado.

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