The Open Face…

OpenFaceOmeletThe common questions from people starting a paleo journey usually have to do with replacing the carbs in their meals, namely, bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes.  A majority of people eat one of those, at least one meal per day.  Two years ago, I was eating one of those at every meal.  I would always have pasta, rice, or potato for dinner, and toast for breakfast, or a sandwich for lunch.  For me, making the transition to eliminating them from my daily routine was a cold turkey approach.  Some people prefer that, others need to ween themselves off.  I went cold turkey on all wheat products first, then corn, then rice and potatoes.  The impulse is to make substitutes.  For example, when I gave up pasta, I tried rice pasta and other versions of gluten free pasta.  It was just what I needed to realize that it’s not the pasta that I liked, it was the meat sauce.  No one enjoys plain pasta.  Put butter or any other fat with salt on your pasta and that’s what most people really like.  Pasta, rice, and bread are merely vessels to carry flavorful protein and sauce.  But you don’t need them.  You have a spoon, or a fork, or vegetables.  The open face sandwich has been around for a while.  Order your burger protein style, wrapped in lettuce.  At the next cocktail party, you can eat the salami right off the top of that cracker without eating the cracker.  I use to make egg sandwiches for breakfast.  This morning, I made an open face omelet.  I sautéed last night’s leftover salmon, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts is a teflon pan, and added a light layer of egg whites for a quick cook time.

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