The “Filet Mignon” of Fish

ChileanSeabassWatch cooking shows! Even the best cooks in the kitchen can get ideas watching a great chef using the best ingredients. If anything, you’ll be inspired to go shop for some fresh produce or make a visit to the butcher or fish monger. For me, I decided to grill but I had no idea what I wanted to cook. I like Whole Foods for one stop shopping when there’s limited time to visit multiple purveyors. The fish looked great! Just delivered swordfish, Chilean seabass, salmon. After talking to the attendant at the counter, I was sold on the Chilean seabass. He referred to it as the “Filet Mignon” of the sea. The beets looked beautiful, with huge, bright, fresh leaves, so I grabbed those too. I cooked the fish on a charcoal grill with an olive oil coating and groin black pepper. Unlike salmon skin, Chilean seabass skin is not as tasty. Still, I cooked skin side first then flipped it once. I sautéed the beet greens with minced garlic and added a sliced raw radish.


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