Paleo Goes Mainstream

NellStephensonUntil now, most paleo information has been covered on websites, blogs, and books.  Not many mainstream network television shows have covered the paleo diet…until now.  Dr. Oz featured the paleo diet as the first segment of his show, with special guests, Dr. Loren Cordain, the godfather of the paleo and author of The Paleo Diet, and Nell Stephenson author of Paleoista.  It was a great show.  First, I have to praise Dr. Oz for going outside his comfort zone and bringing on guests that are suggesting a diet opposite of one he recommends often.  Dr. Oz regularly stresses the importance of whole grains and today, he was willing to feature a diet that denounces both grains and legumes, as well as processed foods.  Dr. Oz is one of the most watched talk shows reaching almost 3 million people a day.  He has won a few Emmy awards and his commitment to educating viewers on health is unmatched.  I am thrilled that he spent half his show with two credible paleo voices.  I started the paleo diet two years ago and understand the approach outlined by Nell Stephenson.  It’s difficult to give up grains, dairy, and sugar cold turkey, so Nell Stephenson asks you give it 30 days and permits three cheat meals per week.  I’m not sold on cheat meals but I understand those that need to ween themselves off their favorite foods.  For me, I was already gluten free by the time I discovered the paleo diet, so adding corn, rice, and other grains was not that difficult to do.  Reducing sugar intake can be very challenging depending on how much sugar you’re currently eating.  Dr. Oz did not touch on the science behind the paleo diet and the health benefits associated with the paleo diet, which is the most compelling evidence to me.  It may be too technical for daytime tv, or there’s just not enough time to review everything: do you talk about sugar, lectins, or omega 6/3 imbalance?  All three are equally important so to address one without the others would be incomplete.  You can read about all three on my Favorite Links page.  Overall, I was very pleased with the coverage.  Perhaps the awareness will encourage a few more people into a healthier lifestyle.  If you’re ready, and you have questions, drop a line!

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