Brunch Bliss

BrunchBlissTo me, Sunday means a stroll to the local farmers’ market, then a light, healthy meal.  Growing up, Sundays meant church, followed by a trip to the Pancake House.  The cheapest, most unhealthy food was sent out in stacks.  Pre-paleo, I would embrace my childhood memories by going to Sunday brunch with friends, only I would have the same stacks of horrible food made with more expensive ingredients:  whole grain pancakes, flax seed pancakes, blueberry waffles, ricotta cheese pancakes, Challah French toast, all smothered in grade A maple syrup.  If I only knew then what I know now.  What I know now is that our food pyramid, encouraging consumption of seven servings of whole grains per day, is not the answer to a healthy lifestyle.  I can list multiple examples of improvements to my health having given up grains, sugar, and dairy.  I would venture to guess that no one ever got healthier by eating grains every day.  Grains are virtually void of nutrition.  Yes, I would eat rice to avoid starving to death, but that doesn’t mean I should eat seven servings of it on a daily basis.  And there’s very little bread out there without salt and sugar.  Again, I would venture to guess that most people wouldn’t eat wheat without putting sugar or salt on it.  Grains are one thing I know our parents were misinformed about.  I have not eaten any grains, sugar, or dairy in the past 23 months and here are results:  no more headaches, no more joint pain, stronger and faster growing hair and nails, healthier skin, more energy, quality sleep, faster recovery after workouts, less body fat, visible muscle definition.  If any of those mean anything to you, I urge you to try the paleo diet especially if you’re considering any drugs or medical procedures to combat any of them.  I overheard a young woman say, “I wonder when I this acne is going to stop, because Proactiv is not helping”.  I turned around to notice her drinking a milkshake from one hand while holding a hamburger in the other.  Her friend was eating a piece of pizza.  It’s moments like those when I want to interject a comment or two.  Please try the paleo diet.  My brunch today was a sunny up egg, roasted parsnips, and baby kale, baby chard with fresh lime.


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