100 Days – Celebrate! What To Expect.

ChickOkraThis is my 100th food post!  I never imagined all that has happened in the last 9 months, from writing this blog.  Thanks to all of the readers, all over the world (almost 50 countries), who have stopped in to visit, comment, and question.  Your readership keeps me focused and humble.  I especially would like to thank the readers in the Philippines, England, and Canada, as they visit often and have helped in spreading the paleo word.

If you have given up sugar, dairy, and grains for 100 days, you’ve already experienced changes to your body.  At 100 days, you’ve lost weight, probably a lot.  If you’re working out, you’ve lost even more.  The quality of your workouts has increased, too.  You’re getting stronger and can see significant progress.  People can see a difference, too.  Your skin is getting clearer.  Your hair is getting stronger and shinier.  You’re sleeping better.  You have more energy.   Joint pain and headaches are noticeably reduced or gone.  All of these characteristics will continue improving over the next 100 days, too.  It is definitely a time to celebrate because it marks some milestones and real evidence of your new lifestyle.  Just don’t celebrate with sugar, dairy, and grains.

One of my most popular posts this past year was “The Perfect Stir Fry”, https://paleobreakfast.wordpress.com/2012/09/05/the-perfect-stir-fry/  so what better way to celebrate my 100th post than to revisit my favorite stir fry.  Asparagus happened to be on sale yesterday so I picked some up.  Organic chicken is always in my fridge, along with mushrooms.  Today, I opted to use some okra, too.  A stir fry is a great way to get all the protein, vitamins, and minerals you need in a meal.  It’s perfect for breakfast to start your day, perfect for lunch or dinner, perfect after a workout for a recovery meal.  It’s such a versatile meal option, easy to prepare, fast and simple, and never needs a recipe.  You can choose a hand full of different vegetables and they’ll all mix nicely with any meat or poultry.  Chicken is most neutral and will absorb the flavors of your vegetables.  Add garlic, onion, or ginger, to enhance your stir fry.  Use the same pan every time and it will season over time, also contributing to the unique flavor of your cooking.  I make a stir fry at few times a week.  Always use olive oil or a non stick pan and make sure that pan is very hot before you start cooking.  Here’s to the next 100 days!

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