Why Eat Shrimp

shrimpkaleSeafood is an important part of the paleo diet.  Most of us don’t incorporate enough of it into our daily diet.  That contributes to the omega 6 – omega 3 imbalance that haunts us all.  Shrimp is an affordable protein source with much more omega 3 than an equal portion of beef.  Let’s look at the nutritional breakdown between shrimp, grass fed beef, and grain fed beef.  In a 100 gram portion of each:  Shrimp – calories 99, protein 21 g,  fat 1 g, sodium 224 g, cholesterol 195 mg, omega 3 347 mg, omega 6 21 mg.  Grass fed beef – calories 117, protein 23, fat 3 g, sodium 55 mg, cholesterol 55 mg, omega 3 21 mg, omega 6 80 mg.  Grain fed beef – calories 265, protein 27 g, fat 17 g, sodium 53 mg, cholesterol 126 mg, omega 3 105 mg, omega 6 457 mg.  The comparison should wake you up to cease your grain fed beef intake.  Look at the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio and total omega 6.  If you do any research on omega 6-3 imbalance (please read my Favorite Links page), grains are the source of omega 6, therefore grain fed livestock will also contain higher levels of omega 6 than the grass fed equivalent.  Seafood will deliver on the omega 3.  Do your best to buy fresh, wild, shrimp, but of course, frozen shrimp once in a while will still be a good source of omega 3.  I sautéed my shrimp in olive oil with garlic, then tossed in kale and carrot to make a nice, hearty meal: protein, leafy greens, root vegetables.

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