She Beckoned Me From The Corner…

littlelambShe beckoned me from the corner…the corner of the lower shelf of the refrigerator.  Her plump rib-eye pointed right at me, I had to grab it.  It’s rare that I succumb to this so early in the day.  It’s always more of a nighttime dish for me.  I don’t have to eat the whole thing.  How about just one rib?  I can do that.  I was already set up to have an egg white omelet with kale.  Why not add one more morsel?  The great thing about lamb is that it packs a flavor punch.  Even when trimmed, a rack of lamb has plenty of flavorful, tasty fat.  This can definitely change any routine breakfast.  A typical rack of lamb comes with 8 ribs.  For a dinner portion, one will typically get 4.  For a breakfast side meat, one or two is plenty.     One or two ribs, sliced, can cook very quickly, and doesn’t require any oven time like a properly seared and oven roasted preparation.  Make sure your lamb is grass fed.  Most Australian and New Zealand lamb is.  It’s rare that it isn’t.  Grass fed means higher omega 3 content, and less omega 6.  That’s one of  the keys to paleo eating; lower your omega 6 intake and increase your omega 3.

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