Nice and Lite

niceandliteEvery once in a while I like to lighten it up.  As much as I enjoy a good protein boost in the morning, sometimes a big dinner the night before can keep you full.  We are creatures of habit and we will eat at the same time every day, given a steady schedule.  Be flexible with yourself.  If you’re not hungry, don’t eat as much, or lighten up your meal.  By now you’ve gone through dozens of meals I’ve posted here and certainly you can find a few that work.  The key to a great paleo breakfast is protein and vegetables.  You’ll see your performance and energy levels sky rocket beyond what you know.  Yes, it’s the diet.  You will need less sleep, have more energy, and be able to go further on tank a gas than ever before.  Try it!  This morning, egg whites and mushrooms, arugula, and steamed parsnips.

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