You Might Think This is Nasty…

chickenfeetsoupIt’s flu season.  So many people are sick.  I’ve been lucky enough to fight it off.  At the first signs of feeling “under the weather”, I eat oranges, spinach, and a big pot of chicken soup.  Chicken soup has been a home remedy for years.  The New York Times reported the science behind chicken soup, citing inhibited white blood cells which reduce upper respiratory cold symptoms.  “The tested soup contained chicken, onions, sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, carrots, celery stems, parsley”.  Hmm…Maybe it’s a coincidence, but they just happen to all be paleo ingredients.  Root vegetables and leafy greens are paleo staples.  Anthropologists say that it was cavemans’ consumption of bone marrow that launched man to the top of the food chain.  I prepare a pot of soup every week through the winter season and I make sure to boil the chicken an extra hour to get all the nutrients I can from the bones.  This week, Whole Foods happened to have chicken feet on sale, right next to the organic chicken.  I bought a half pound for a dollar.  My dad says all medicine is in the feet.  Brussels sprouts blanched for 5 minutes in the broth were perfect.  You can see that little chicken foot peeking through on the right…

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