Give Me Some Tongue

TongueDad was in town last week.  The challenge in entertaining out of town guests while sticking to your paleo diet, is finding restaurants that will have plenty of paleo selections so you can eat heartily with your guests.  I found one and it was a doozie.  A few years ago, pre-paleo, dad and I went to Barcelona.  We enjoyed plenty of traditional tapas and, come to think of it, it was very paleo tapas, too.  I heard the best tapas place in town was  The Bazaar, by Jose Andreas, at the SLS Hotel, and it definitely lives up to its reputation.  I won’t go over the meal dish by dish because my point of this story is only to make it clear, living paleo is not restrictive.  Look at my breakfast!  I would much rather have this than a lousy bowl of cereal, oatmeal, or pancakes, any day of the week.  I digress.  I told the waiter to let me know if there was any grains or gluten in any of the dishes I ordered.  I rattled off a dozen dishes and only one of the dishes of Spanish charcuterie came with a side of grilled bread, but other than that I ordered dish after dish with no trace of paleo enemies.  Only one dish had some dairy drizzle around the plate which I easily avoided.  My guests didn’t mind.  One of the most flavorful dishes we enjoyed was braised beef tongue with citrus and it was my favorite bite of the night.  It came at the end of the meal where everyone was getting full.  Lucky for me, a take-home box was in my future and this beautiful breakfast the day after.  I reheated the braised tongue in a hot pan, added a crispy fried egg, a handful of arugula, baby beets, and some raspberries.  I savored every bite!

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