Getting Back on Track

MushroomWhitesTraveling over the holidays can be challenging to your routine, especially a paleo routine.  Leafy greens, protein, and root vegetables can be tough to find every meal on the road.  Make an effort to plan your meals ahead of time and don’t succumb to temptations just because they’re available all the time.  If you indulged a little too much and are ready to get back on track, try starting a fresh routine that takes a little planning.  Take the opportunity to raise the bar for yourself.  Going back to your old routine might feel like the same old-same old and you may be discouraged.  First off, raising the bar means eliminating all grains, dairy, and sugar if you haven’t already.  Start the day off with protein!  If you’re a commuter on the go, try a few hard boiled eggs, or have some lean chicken prepared the night before.  Grab a handful of walnuts and berries for a mid morning snack.  A huge salad for lunch, preferably with some fish for your omega 3s, will have a big impact on your overall intake.  If you aren’t on a full paleo diet yet, make the transition by giving yourself 3 non paleo meals a week, then 2, then 1, over the course of a month.  You will see huge changes.

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