Can You See the Face in the French Toast?

frenchtoastVacation is not an excuse for me to eat poorly.  In fact, I ate very well throughout the holidays.  There were a few new discoveries which gave me some new flavors to enjoy.  I discovered a no sugar added hard cider, called Crispin, and another called Magners.  They were delicious and wintery and a welcome change from my norm.  I also discovered Paleo Bread and wrote about it in my last post.  Today, still in vacation mode, but back to my routine, I made Paleo French Toast.  I’ve seen plenty of gluten free breads and was never tempted to try them since most are made with rice flour and garbanzo bean flour, both of which are not paleo friendly ingredients.  But with such a great bread option, I was excited to try French Toast, which I haven’t had in almost two years.  Guess what, it was heaven.  I enjoyed every bite.  I received a gift of some home made maple syrup that had been in the refrigerator for ages so I taste tested that along with my French Toast.  I made a piece using each type of paleo bread: almond flour, and coconut.  I found myself favoring the almond piece in a side by side taste comparison but I enjoyed them both.  I had a side of scrambled eggs left over, bringing my my breakfast to 280 calories and about 26 grams of protein.  This is certainly a better option than a loaded 500 calorie traditional french toast breakfast laced with gluten, dairy, and sugar.  Oh yeah, and the faces in the paleo French Toast?  Look closely.  Of course, It’s Dr. Loren Cordain and Robb Wolf, authors of The Paleo Diet, and Paleo Solution.

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