I Loved Bread…What I Eat Now.

paleobreadThe first thing we do when trying a new diet is look for substitutions for our favorite foods.  On the paleo diet, there are no grains, dairy, or sugar.  Sugar tends to be the easiest to eliminate because we still have sweet things like fruit to turn to when eliminating processed sugar.  Honey and agave nectar, although strongly discouraged for any diet, can be leaned on in transition.  Dairy substitutes like almond and coconut milk are available.  But nothing can substitute real grains like wheat, corn, and rice.  If you’re like me, you’ve grown up eating grains on a daily basis.  This is the root of health problems based on paleo research.  Read my Favorite Links page for supporting information.  There is a cumulative affect that grains have on us and that’s why we get sicker as we get older.  By the time we do get sick, we never assume our diet has anything to do with it because we’ve been eating the same way for years.  It’s difficult to accept that things we’ve loved to eat for so long are responsible for our declining health.  You will feel better if you stop eating grains, dairy, and sugar…period.  Try it.  That being said, you can still “miss” foods that are bad for you.  This holiday season, thanks to a friend on the lookout, I discovered Paleo Bread, a product by Julian Bakery in California.  Keep in mind, I’ve been on the paleo diet for over 20 months and have not had a bite of bread since, so the sound of finally getting to bite into a slice put me on a mission.  I used the Julian Bakery website http://www.julianbakery.com  to find a local retailer and off I went.  It wasn’t in the bread aisle so I asked a clerk for assistance and he directed me to their healthy foods section where we found it in the freezer.  Like other gluten free breads, this is a refrigerator/freezer product.  To my surprise, I discovered both coconut and almond flour versions so I had to try both.  At $8.59 a loaf, this was a hefty price to pay for bread but I’ve been waiting so long for this that I had to try them.  Since then, I’ve seen prices as low as $5.99 with coupons or rebates.  As soon as I got home, I threw a few slices in the toaster, first to thaw and again to toast.  The coconut bread was definitely sweeter and the almond flour bread was more to my liking.  It was nuttier, crispier crust, and a little less dense than the coconut bread.  It had a very satisfying bite to it, especially the crust, but is closer to a cake than a bread.  Still, after being without anything similar for ages, it was a treat!  I see several potential uses for this bread and am especially looking forward to trying french toast.  I still have some analysis to do on the amount of Omega 6 in one slice of almond flour bread but for a once in a while slice, it is certainly a great alternative.

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