The Brunch Dilema

redvelvetpancakesThe word Brunch conjures all kinds of images for me, mostly savory, but sometimes sweet.  Just thinking of all the wonderful foods available on a brunch menu, ranging from gourmet pancakes to bacon and egg dishes.  Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal, first because there are so many options of what to eat, second because I’m usually eating it by myself and respond only to that need.  One of the reasons I named this blog Paleo Breakfast is because the most common question I get from people researching the diet is, “What did you have for breakfast”?  Breakfast foods are easy to identify on the surface.  We can categorize the breakfast food family immediately: cereal – yes, salad – no, bacon – yes, turkey – no, milk – yes, juice – yes.  Problem is, they’re all wrong, except for an occasional egg, of course.  So, what do you do when you’re going out to eat with friends for a holiday brunch get-together?  First, if you have anything to do with the choice of restaurant, voice your opinion based on the menu.  Find restaurants you know will support your dietary needs and that are cooperative about changing dishes.  Select menu items that are suitable in entirety so you don’t feel like all eyes are on you during ordering.  A lot of brunch places will have hearty entrees to choose from: half chicken, steak and eggs, salmon.  Don’t be tempted by sweets like pancakes and pastries!  Please don’t use the holidays as an excuse to eat horrible foods.  You will regret it.  One bad meal can set you back a week of weight loss goal.  I tend to look for salmon for its high omega 3, maybe an over easy egg, a salad instead of a bagel.  Remember the days of advertisements showing stacks of pancakes smothered in butter and syrup?  This is not good.  I recently saw Red Velvet Pancakes covered with caramel and whipped cream at a brunch restaurant.  This type of eating can get you on a bad path for your health.  Don’t even look at them.  Make your health a priority!

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