One Ingredient Can Change the Whole Dish!

salmonbabychardI had a lovely breakfast this morning: grilled salmon, parsnips and baby chard.  The salmon was wild alaskan king salmon, bought from the Larchmont Farmers’ Market yesterday for $14.95 a pound.  This is about 4 ounces worth, pan fried, skin side down to medium rare.  One parsnip, thinly sliced, blanched.  A healthy handful of baby greens including baby chard, baby kale, and baby spinach, although I tried to use most of the chard for its peppery taste.  From a paleo perspective, to me, this is the ideal meal because of it’s high omega 3, and vitamins and minerals from the leafy greens and root vegetable.  But the one ingredient that made this dish?  I went outside in my back yard and picked a 2nd year harvest Meyer Lemon, cut it in half and squeezed it over the greens, then fish after I ate the crispy skin.  It was a brand new flavor for the season and a first for me with this dish.  Changing one ingredient in your favorite dish can give it new life.  Use seasonal fruits and vegetables when you cook.  My lemons may last until January and then I won’t have them again for another year so I’m really enjoying them now.

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