Grass Fed Beef

grassfedbeefAfter a few weeks of holiday poultry, I was very excited to see grass fed beef on sale at the market.  It was very lean and because of that, it caught my eye.  Corn fed beef, which we are much more accustom to, is cheaper, therefore often used in restaurants and eating establishments.  Some things will become much more obvious to you as you proceed through the paleo lifestyle.  Corn is a grain and not on the paleo diet, therefor corn fed beef is not preferred either.  You’ll see in your research that corn fed beef has a much higher omega 6 fat content that grass fed beef.  If you stay away from corn fed beef long enough, you’ll be able to smell the corn as soon as a piece of corn fed beef is put in front of you.  Like opening a bag of corn chips or tortilla chips, you’ll immediately notice the sweetness that corn puts in the beef.  If you put two identical cuts of beef next to each other, one corn fed and one grass fed, you’ll immediately see the fat marbling in the corn fed beef.  That’s the same fat marbling that’s going on in our bodies when we eat corn products, too.  Please read about corn on the Favorite Links page.  Corn fed chicken is much harder to come by.  You have to seek it out and it’s rare to find it in a regular grocery store.  Again, the taste is completely different and you’ll get much more chicken flavor in chickens that don’t eat corn.  You must try it.  This morning, I had a tasty meal of grass fed beef, parsnips, and bok choy wityh garlic.  I sliced the beef into small pieces because grass fed top round is a little tougher because it’s so lean.  This allows it to cook faster and tenderize quickly.

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