Last of the Leftovers

I would say half the meals I make for breakfast include leftovers from the night before.  Today, in fact, it was 4 days before.  Yes, the last piece of Thanksgiving turkey has been eaten.  I think the reason leftovers taste so good is that flavors get concentrated when food is cooled and reheated.  In this case, the crispy turkey skin, which I don’t get too often, got even crispier in the pan, and the squash lost a little more water which made the squash flavor more intense.  Eating leftovers saves time and money because you can usually get better prices on larger quantities.  You’ll also eat better food on the run because you’ll avoid the less nutritions fast breakfast foods if you prepare better meals ahead of time.  Plan your breakfasts around your leftover dinners and you’ll be one step closer to maintaining a paleo diet.

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