Decadent Paleo Eating Weekend

I plan meals for the entire Thanksgiving weekend, not just Thanksgiving day.  Yes, it usually involves leftovers, but I do buy other proteins.  Thankfully, I did have a few extra slices of pancetta leftover from my turkey preparation.  I prepared my turkey breast this year with a layer of pancetta under the turkey skin.  This morning, I indulged with a few slices of pancetta with my mushroom omelet and yam home fries.  I prefer pancetta over bacon because most commercially processed bacon contains a lot of things I avoid.  Pancetta tends to have a lot less salt and sugar than processed bacon, but there’s always that case of a poorly processed pancetta that uses more salt that usual so always read your labels.  This particular pancetta had no sugar, which was a big plus for me.  Pancetta has a much richer pork flavor, too.  It definitely has more subtle flavors and isn’t as big of a bacon punch.  The main difference is that bacon is smoked and pancetta is not.  A few crispy bites is all I needed to turn my simple egg white omelet into a decadent post-Thankgiving treat.  Needless to say, my yam home fries were delicious and a side of baby greens offered as much acid as I needed to balance the meal.  Keep in mind, I don’t suggest you start adding pancetta to every meal.  As a paleo purist, I avoid bacon because of its sugar content.  But in terms of commercially distributed foods, most proteins you find are processed in some way.  I call this an indulgence because I rarely eat bacon or pancetta and this may have been my 4th or 5th time this whole year.  Stick to the plan and you’ll see the results you’re looking for in this diet.  A treat is a treat.  Choose them wisely.

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