Thanksgiving Paleo

I am thankful for the paleo diet.  I credit this regimen for health and fitness levels that I’ve never had before.  Aches and pains I use to think were a part of aging and slowing down have disappeared.  Headaches were a common occurrence and Advil was sometimes a daily routine, not anymore.  I’ve been on the paleo diet for close to 18 months now and I have no desire to change it.  One would expect some temptation on a day of festivities like Thanksgiving, but I didn’t miss a thing.  My cousin and I hosted dinner for 6 yesterday and here’s a rundown of the menu:  oven roasted turkey breast with sage and pancetta, roasted red yams, steamed butternut squash, roasted brussels sprouts, cauliflower dressing, mushroom gravy, and pumpkin pie.  Sounds like a regular Thanksgiving dinner, right?  But ours had no sugar, no grains, no dairy.  The stuffing was made with ground cauliflower, full of flavor and plenty of grainy texture.  The pie used crushed walnuts for the crust, coconut milk in place of dairy, and a bit of maple syrup for the sweetener.  A small sliver was all I needed to get the full turkey day effect.  There was no food coma, no bloating, and guess what?  The leftovers are just as delicious the next day.  Breakfast was a quick pan heating of a balanced meal with protein, root, and green.

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