Yam Home-Fries

Home-fries are one of the common breakfast foods you see on every menu.  Many of us grew up on diners across the country, where potatoes are standard sides with every dish, including pancakes.  If you read my post, The Perfect Stir Fry, where I do a calorie breakdown on the classic Denny’s Grand Slam, you’ll see why our perception of a healthy breakfast has been wrong for years.  From a calorie and nutrition perspective, potatoes and yams are relatively close, but yams have a definite edge in vitamin and mineral content.  What makes potatoes harmful are the lectins and saponins found within.  Please read about lectins on the Favorite Links page.  Lectins are a distinguishing factor on the paleo diet.  In researching your food choices, be aware of the long term impact lectins have on your body.  High lectin foods are what you want to avoid.  They usually go hand in hand with Omega 6/3 ratio imbalance, too.  There are plenty of better choices to make in selecting your carbs.  Yams are a good alternative to the potato and right now, they are very inexpensive.  Use them.

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