Paleo Soup

My earlier post, Why You Need Stock, was a popular post.  From the scientific standpoint, anthropologists say it was the extraction of nutrients from bones that kept caveman’s brain growing faster than other mammals.  Aside from all that, I love a good soup.  The difference between stock and soup is the additions you choose to add to stock to make your soup.  In other words, soup is made of stock, but stock is not made of soup.  One could also say that those additions could be further cooked into the stock to make an entirely different flavor than the original stock.  That being said, I can eat a straight stock every day and enjoy all its flavor, and use textures from other foods to vary the dish.  I prefer chicken soups because they cook faster.  The bones are softer, allowing more of the flavors to emerge.  Last night, I boiled a chicken with bay leaves, garlic, and peppercorns.  This morning, I heated a leg quarter and added roasted squash and fresh arugula.  Ground black pepper and an acid, like a squeeze of fresh lemon, or apple cider vinegar are common for me.  Use left over bones from roasted meats to make a brown stock.  Possibilities are endless in making soups and they are very satisfying in the cooler months of fall and winter.  Stocks freeze well, too, so you can keep some on hand for whenever the mood for a good soup strikes you!

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