My Simple Breakfast

In looking for all the wonderful paleo foods to try, it feels great to return to one of my favorites.  No matter what vegetables are in season, I always turn to this meal.  Eggs are versatile and can be used in so many ways.  I limit my yolk intake to  2 or 3 a week but sometimes don’t have any for a few weeks in a row.  Caveman couldn’t count on anything until he found a source for it.  Commercially distributed egg are usually from grain fed chickens and we know the impact of corn and grains in the paleo diet.  See the Favorite Links page for Omega 6/3 ratio information.  When I shop for eggs, I look for farms using no soy or corn in their chicken feed.  It’s difficult, but once you find your source, you can stick to it.  Do your research.  I also use egg whites.  I prefer Eggology brand, found at Whole Foods.  Today, sliced mushrooms in a hot pan with olive oil, after a few minutes on each side add egg whites.  Flip the whites to cook both sides and serve with some greens and a vegetable.  It’s easy to make and always feels great to eat.

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