Why You Need Stock

Paleo scientists say it was caveman’s consumption of animal bones that helped in his evolution.  The nutrients found in marrow are amazing and what gives chicken soup all of the healing qualities.  I make chicken stock on a regular basis, particularly in the fall and winter months.  I always have some on hand for when I’m ‘under the weather’.  It’s very easy to make.  Bones and water.  Sure, you can season it, or cook with your standard mirepoix, but I would suggest keeping seasoning to a minimum until you’re ready to use it.  Collagen, gelatin, and glucosamine are nutrients we seldom get but are available from meat stocks.  This morning, Brussels sprouts in chicken stock with a crispy egg.  Simple, fast, and nutritious!


2 thoughts on “Why You Need Stock

  1. Since being on this type of plan, my body can’t tolerate much sodium. Being a soup fan…I miss it. Just tried this with steamed broccoli. mThe broth from chicken on the bone is perfect and does not effect my body negatively. Timely post. TY.

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