The No-Bun Burger

No matter where I go for a burger, they’re more than happy to wrap my burger in lettuce and leave the bun aside.  The typical hamburger bun is 110-150 calories, over 200 mg of sodium, 3-5 g sugar, 2-3 g fat, and definitely not paleo.  An ounce of iceberg lettuce is less than 10 calories, less than 10 mg sodium, 1 g sugar, and 0 fat, not to mention a little omega 3.  The choice is clear.  No bun is a way to drop calories and other harmful components.  Restaurants are more than happy to make the substitutions for you.  If it’s a sit down place, I ask them to serve the burger on a bed of greens.  Look for other gourmet burger add-ons to make your burger a healthy choice.  Grilled vegetables, onions, and mushrooms are usually available.  Always look for grass fed beef for a better omega 6/3 ratio (see favorite links).  Costco has ground bison available most of the time, which I use regularly.  I’ll also add a seasonal vegetable.  This week, I’m on a squash kick, so that was a given.  Design your own, beautiful breakfast burger.  Just leave the buns on the grocery shelf.


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