Guess Which Red Meat This Is?

Here’s the problem with modern Western diets?  Too much Omega 6.  You’ve heard me talk about this before but it’s in my face every day so I have to bring it up again.  Caveman diets were an Omega 6/Omega 3 ratio of 1:1.  Today’s diets are in the 15:1 range.  Many scientists identify this imbalance as the source of many illnesses.  So what can you do to adjust for this imbalance?  Increase your Omega 3 intake and reduce your Omega 6 intake.  It’s that simple.  Eat more fish, eat less grains.  Wheat and corn carry huge amounts of Omega 6, so eating these at every meal will contribute to your Omega imbalance.  Most cattle is corn and grain fed making is a far different meat than it’s cousin, the grass fed buffalo (bison).  Here are the numbers comparing 3 oz size portions of ground bison vs. ground beef:

Char.             Bison            Beef

calories                 202                   231

total fat                 13 g                   15 g

sat fat                    0 g                       6 g

trans fat               0 g                       1 g

cholesterol          71 mg               76 mg

sodium                 62 mg               77 mg

omega 6/3         468/67 mg       341/39 mg

omega ratio        7:1                     9:1

Bison is a better choice and it’s available in most grocery stores.  Try it!  Anything you can do to reduce your ratio will help.  Avoid grain fed meats.

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