Great Post Workout Meal!

I had an early workout today so my breakfast was based on a strong craving.  I notice my food choices revolve around my body fuel requirements.  After an hour and a half of cardio and weights, I could only think of protein.  I prepared a two meals because one wasn’t enough.  First chicken, then chicken liver.  Feeding your body the right nutrients it needs is important.  That’s why paleo enthusiasts won’t eat grains or sugar because they do not give your body any nutrients.  Caveman was in constant survival mode, looking for food, defending from predators.  When we describe ourselves as top of the food chain, we use to be.  We aren’t anymore.  I’m finding more and more people that cannot last 10 minutes in a cardio workout.  10 minutes.  If you can’t last 10 minutes, you can’t possibly run away from someone who can.  When I started working out, I couldn’t last 3 minutes, and it was weeks before I could do 10.  But soon after, I could do 20, 30, and 40.  You have to keep trying.  The paleo diet helped me get there.  Your body will become stronger and more efficient with better fuel.  Yes, I was able to do cardio before the paleo diet, but once I started the paleo diet, I saw great improvement in my overall performance:  speed, endurance, focus.  How do you start? Just stop.  Stop eating sugar (processed, packaged foods).  Stop eating grains (bread, pasta, corn, rice).  Stop eating legumes (beans, peanuts).  Stop eating dairy (milk, yogurt, ice cream).  Certainly, you can reach these milestones over time.  I started with wheat and sugar, then added corn and rice.  I’ve been off them all for over 16 months.  Little by little, you will see a difference.  Visible changes occur.  Friends and family will notice between visits.  Your skin and eyes will be brighter, hair and nails stronger, bloating goes away.  I’ve seen this over and over again with friends who try this diet.  Whatever efforts you make in reducing your intake of grains, sugar, and dairy, will be rewarded 10 fold.  Steam some squash and keep it on hand to toss into salads or eat on the go.  Today, I tossed squash and arugula with fresh lemon juice.  My protein was sautéed chicken livers and chicken breast.

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