New Habits are Hard To Break

One thing I’ve learned in my paleo journey, that good habits are just as hard to break as bad ones.  So start a good habit and watch the results.  Eliminating bread, pasta, and other wheat products is a great start to a healthy diet.  If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times, “I could never give up bread”.  That means you’re eating too much of it.  Pasta at every meal is not necessary.  Cut it down to once or twice a week for starters and see what happens.  By now, you’ve heard of gluten, and even though a lot of us had never head about it 10 even 5 years ago, we certainly are aware of it now.  Now you can start making the choice of avoiding it and seeing what your body feels like without it.  Same goes for sugar, and dairy.  You don’t need it, your body will thrive without it.  Try it.  Please.  I’m still eating my giant squash that I bought over the weekend.  Had some for dinner and breakfast two days in a row.  So much better than bread in so many ways.  Plenty of carbs for energy, sweeter in taste than most vegetables, lots of vitamins, too.  Last night, I boiled the squash for a mere 7 minutes.  This morning, leftover squash in a teflon pan without oil, browned the edges to put another layer of caramelized goodness in the flavor profile.  A few chicken tenders and an arugula salad with a squeeze of fresh lemon rounded out a balanced breakfast.  You’ll feel good, strong, and healthy, I promise.

One thought on “New Habits are Hard To Break

  1. Looking forward to reading more. My trainer is slowing moving me into this plan so I’ve been doing research. I feel so much better getting off the simple carbs. I’ve been on a similar plan since June and have taken off 28 pounds. In two weeks, he’ll probably move me into this Paleo plan full-time. 74 total pounds gone…76 more to shed. Thanks for blogging. Your info will be valuable for my journey.

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