Butternut Squash

Before paleo, I would never have tried butternut squash, especially for breakfast.  Talk about a great source of carbs!  Buying a whole butternut squash can be intimidating.  It looks like you’re buying a Halloween decoration.  Instead, you’re buying a weeks worth of Vitamin A and half your Vitamin C.  The Omega 6/3 ratio is great, too, at 0.5.  Like carving a pumpkin, a large butternut squash can be hard to handle.  The skin is tough and peeling it requires a heavy chef’s knife.  It’s best to get pre-cut butternut squash.  Grocery stores and Trader Joe’s carry cubed squash which cuts out most of the work.  If you’re comfortable with a large knife, you can save a lot of money buying whole squash and pay about 10 – 20 cents on the dollar compared to pre-cut packages.  Either way, it’s delicious and easy to prepare.  Steaming is the simplest preparation.  Boil an inch of water then put your squash in until fork tender, 10-12 minutes.  I also enjoy roasted squash.  Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees, then put your squash in an oven safe pan with olive oil, just enough to coat your squash, again 10-12 minutes.  Last night, I prepared mine on the grill and saved some for this morning.  Lightly toss in olive oil with black pepper and grill until fork tender, about 15 minutes on medium heat.  I have not been seasoning with salt for some time now as you get plenty of sodium from your root vegetables.  But, if you need a little zing once in a while, make sure you choose sea salt, which provides the natural minerals your body wants.  Squash is naturally sweet so I opt for enjoying the caramelized flavor.

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