Turkey Salad

I discovered the paleo diet almost 2 years ago while searching online for athletes’ diets.  I was frustrated with my workouts and looking to improve my performance so I could see some progress.  No matter what we do, there’s always room for improvement.  We all experience plateaus.  I wanted to shake things up and I continue to do that by challenging my system with new foods and training techniques.  No matter where you are in your quest for a better lifestyle, health, or fitness level, any tweek to your diet can do wonders.  It’s as simple as eliminating one, two, or all three: grains, dairy, sugar.  I had a wonderful run this morning, through the mountains of the Pacific Palisades.  11.8 miles.  No matter what your workout consists of, you need to replenish your muscles with nutrients.  Where will those nutrients come from?  Not grains, dairy, or sugar.  There is nothing there that will help system recover and replenish.  So why do we eat them?  They are cheap calories.  Make a better choice.  Eat natural foods that will feed your body the nutrients it needs, no matter what your activity level is.  Today, I’m having turkey tenders and garlic on a bed of mesclun and fresh lemon, along with some roasted squash (not shown).  Turkey is a super lean protein that is full of flavor, cooks quickly, stores well, and inexpensive compared to other meats.  Integrate turkey into your paleo diet for a change.

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