When You Want Carbs, Eat These, Not These

When asked about the paleo diet, I always hear, “I could never give up carbs.  I love bread.  What do you eat instead?”  My response?  Eat calories that are nutritious.  Don’t eat empty calories.  Bread and many other “carbs”, are empty calories, meaning, there’s little nutritional value other than carbohydrates.  One of the important factors of our diet, according to paleo scientists, is the imbalance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats in the modern diet.  Caveman ate an Omega 6/3 ratio of 1:1.  Modern day diets are 15:1.  This high Omega 6 intake is due in large to bread and other grains, as well as grain fed livestock.  A slice of bread contains 365 milligrams of Omega 6, vs. 40 milligrams of Omega 3.  A cup of pasta has an even higher ratio at 800:60.  If you’re eating bread or pasta every day, it’s easy to rack up huge amounts of Omega 6.  Lets look at beets (you can search beets on the blog for more dish ideas).  A cup of beets has only 100 milligrams of Omega 6 vs. the 365 found in a slice of bread.  Both portions are an equivalent amount of carbohydrates but the beets also contain vitamins and minerals not available in bread.  Let’s not forget about the large amount of sodium found in bread, as well.  Eating fish, with high Omega 3 content, vs. beef with high Omega 6 content, is also important in maintaining a good ratio.  Corn is another culprit with over 3400 milligrams of Omega 6 per cup!  Don’t get me started on corn…Please read my Favorite Links page on Omega 3/6 Imbalance.  Please choose root vegetables or other carbohydrate vegetables over grains like wheat, corn, and rice.  Today, golden beets and plantains with turkey tenders and arugula.

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