Never a Dull Moment

It’s very easy to get in a rut with your food.  People tend to have the same thing, day after day.  Most of us are creatures of habit.  We fall into patterns because it’s safe and predictable.  Here’s the problem: what if it’s a bad habit?  Millions eat a bowl of cereal every morning.  Maybe you’re one of them.  Maybe you think you’re different because your cereal is “healthy”.  Please do some paleo research on the dangers of sugar, grains, and dairy.  If you’re eating a cup of Kashi every morning, you’re having 7-13 g of sugar and 100 to 200 mg of sodium, and that’s on top of all the lectins (see Favorite Links page for info on lectins).  I remember stretches of time where I was eating an Egg McMuffin on the way to work every day.  When you add up the daily intake of sugar and salt over a period of time, you will see the damage to your body.  I read that the average person eats 150 pounds of sugar a year.  Imagine 30 bags of sugar on your dining room table and every time you pass it, you have to eat a few tablespoons.  150 lbs means means 184 grams a day.  I didn’t think I was close to that, but just to make sure I tracked my sugar intake for a week.  75 to 140 grams a day, or 75 to 115 pounds a year!  And I thought I ate well.  I wasn’t drinking soda or eating wheat and still managed to rack up the sugar.  Protein bars, protein shakes, and granola all seem like healthier choices but they are not.  Eat real food!  Pick exciting foods every day and don’t allow yourself to eat the same thing twice in a week.  Today, I revisited an old favorite stir fry.  Chicken with a handful of okra, and a few berries.


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