Just Egg Whites

A friend recently commented, “Cooking like that takes too much time”.  I beg to differ, but I know not everyone is as comfortable in the kitchen as I am.  Of course, dumping cereal into a bowl and pouring milk on top is quite simple but you can make a better choice for your health with a few extra steps.  You don’t have to have a fancy breakfast every day, either.  I like to cook so it’s quite therapeutic for me.  But, if it’s stressful, I understand.  Either way, throwing a few berries on a plate and cutting an avocado in half is pretty easy.  Heating a teflon pan and pouring egg whites is about the equivalent of pouring cereal and pouring milk.  The nutritional value is night and day!  Please throw out the grains and eat real food.  This is what paleo is all about but I think it’s common sense.  Do you have common sense?  Cereal is grains, sugar, salt, dairy.  You can argue over grains, but the fact that you’ve got to add salt and sugar to them to eat them should be an indication of their natural quality.  Food for thought.

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