Paleo is Simple

I had a conversation with my cousin yesterday.  She decided to go paleo and called me for advice.  Why now?  Maybe she is through with her two soda-a-day habit.  Maybe it is my mother’s success losing 28 lbs in 4 months that convinced her she could do it, too.  Whatever the reason, it’s the right thing to do.  She was on her way to clean out the refrigerator and cupboard of non-paleo foods.  The cupboards must be bare now.  Her family will be in shock because they eat a lot of packaged foods.  If you buy packaged foods, you’ve got to stop.  Please stop.  If it comes in a package, it has loads of unnecessary sugar, salt and grains.  On my plate today, 3 ingredients: chicken, arugula, beets.  A well balanced paleo meal: meat (fish, poultry), leafy greens, root vegetables.  Foods to avoid on the paleo diet: grains (wheat, bread, pasta, rice, corn), sugar, dairy.  It’s that simple.  Good luck, cousin!  Congratulations!  You’re on your way.  Call me any time for advice, recipes, meal planning.  You’ll be seeing results very soon.

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