My Egg Salad

I love reading new paleo recipes, but  there’s nothing like going back to the basics.  Someone asked me if egg salad was paleo.  After all, mayo is just egg yolks and oil, right?  Yes, and no.  If you hand make your mayo using olive oil, yes.  If you buy mayo in a jar made with soybean oil, no.  I spent the next few hours pondering the making of paleo egg salad and came up with this:  there’s no salad in egg salad.  I know caveman didn’t make this on purpose.  It would have taken hours.  What’s the point when you’re hungry and looking for your next meal.  So here’s my “egg salad”: arugula, and an egg.  Looks beautiful, doesn’t it?  I couldn’t wait to eat it.  I gobbled it down in a few minutes.  Lemon and arugula was a perfect balance to the egg yolk and avocado.  The strawberries were a great finish.  I rarely have a whole egg.  When I do, I use cage free, organic, omega 3 enriched eggs.

One thought on “My Egg Salad

  1. There is a great “paleo approved” (at least by my friend Liz Wolfe) mayo you can buy on the Web. It is sold out now it is so popular but I can let you know when it is back in stock (I’m signed up for an email alert). LMK 🙂 I had arugula salad for lunch today with hard boiled egg chopped on top…kind of the same as your breakfast LOL! It is really good…doesn’t taste anything like Hellmans, Kraft but it is super tasty to make chicken “salad” or tuna “salad”. I hope it comes back in stock soon…I ran out 2 months ago and I’m really craving some “salads”. TTYL….

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