Get them while you can!

Summer is almost over and with that goes a lot of our summer vegetables.  In California, we are lucky to get great produce all year.  But, in most states, winter means higher prices for vegetables.  One vegetable that is easier to get than most is squash.  Zucchini is plentiful, as is a few varieties of yellow squash.  Another great thing about squash is that buying organic is not expensive.  Always check the organic section and buy organic whenever you can.  Sometimes there’s a large price difference between standard and organic vegetables and sometimes you can get a great deal.  Squash is a great vitamin C vegetable and has low calories, carbs, and glycemic load, which means eat as much of it as you want.  I like to sauté mine with garlic.  Today, chicken and mushrooms with yellow squash!  Yes, I ate this for my paleo breakfast.

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