Crave This!

When we think of cravings, we think of all the sweets: cakes, ice cream, breads, sugars, and dairy.  I never thought I’d ever “crave” healthy foods.  Once I removed the bad ones, I started to.  Imagine craving healthy foods all the time.  That’s what happened when I started the paleo diet.  Once it’s all you know, you can’t go wrong!  So what was I craving this morning?  Okra!  I know it’s foreign to most of you, but I encourage you to try it.  I’m seeing it at a lot of restaurants, now.  The self-proclaimed foodies have no excuse not to try it.  It’s crunchy, sweet, and packed with great nutrients.  My most recent discovery about okra was that it’s a natural defense against lectins and great for digestive health.  Just another reason to try okra.

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