Cilantro Eggs

A few days ago, I cooked this wonderful Australian lamb, paleo dinner, served with a huge pile of arugula, beets, and yams.  I received so many comments on my facebook page that I had to include it here, even though it was a dinner pic.  The next morning, I realized I had used all of my arugula on dinner the night before and the only leafy green I had in the fridge was cilantro, a leftover garnish from a recent potluck dish.  I’ve never prepared it this way, but what the caveman diet taught me, caveman didn’t complain about what his next meal was.  If it was edible, he ate it.  So, Cilantro Eggs was born, for me.  My point with this dish, experiment whenever you can and you just may surprise yourself.  Cilantro, in other cultural foods, is paired with fats and acidic foods.  Vietnamese Pho pairs it with rich broth and lime.  Mexican cuisine has it paired with fatty pork dishes and salsas.  Egg whites cooked in olive oil supplies the fat, melon and lemon supply the acid.  It worked!


One thought on “Cilantro Eggs

  1. Ironically I have a bunch of leftover cilantro and this morning when I went to make breakfast I thought that I’d better think of some way to use it. Now I know…will try this tomorrow morning. Thanks for the tip:). Check out my Pinterest pages….I have lots of yummy Paleo recipe pins….

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