Eat This Once a Week!

Paleo Solution is one of my favorite sources for paleo diet tips.  According to Robb Wolf, organ meats are an important part of the paleo diet.  There are a number of reasons why, and these are outlined in the book.  Chicken liver is inexpensive and readily available.  There are huge amounts of vitamins A and B12 in chicken liver.  This morning I had a few ounces with asparagus and egg whites.  I would eat liver more often but don’t because of the high cholesterol associated with it.  Cook your liver separately, in olive oil.  I season mine with black pepper only.  Use a clean pan to sauté your asparagus, add the cooked liver, then add the egg whites.  Speaking of egg whites, I discovered a new product at Whole Foods: Eggology Cage Free Organic Egg Whites.  It is quick, convenient and inexpensive vs. buying cage free organic eggs and separating your own whites.


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