Wrap It Up!

One of the things I noticed in giving up breads and grains was that most food you order out or make from recipes requires a “vessel”, or something to carry the food to your mouth.  Whether it’s a piece of bread or a pile of rice, most of us are use to eating something that holds our main protein or sauce.  If you like sandwiches, and who doesn’t, there’s no sandwich without the bread.  And then there’s the “wrap”.  9 out of 10 people will tell you you’re making a healthier choice with tortillas vs. bread, but you’re not.  Flour tortillas have more calories, fat and salt.  And most people have more servings when eating tortillas because they appear smaller and less filling!  Corn tortillas do have less calories than bread but bottom line, they’re all grains and grains are not paleo.  So, what to do?  Most of us here in Los Angeles are aware of ordering our burgers “protein style”, which means wrapped in lettuce, no bun.  But before I moved here, I had never heard of it.  This morning, I made Chicken Tender Wraps!  Chicken tenders with mushrooms, avocado, and radish on a crispy piece of romaine lettuce.  A squeeze of lime is just the zing I needed to take this meal over the top.  Delicious, fresh food.  Please eat it.  And please look us up on Facebook!

2 thoughts on “Wrap It Up!

  1. I love this post because it’s so true! I have not gone total “paleo” yet but am gluten free, and discovered the idea of eating so many things in a lettuce wrap. Love your blog and all of your food ideas! 🙂

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