Happy Birthday Breakfast!

One of the greatest parts about turning my diet around was ditching those boring breads and trading them in for all the exciting foods I’ve ever wanted.  Today is my birthday and I celebrated first thing in the morning with a 6 mile run on the beach.  I never did that before on my birthday.  And, I can’t remember the last time I had a birthday breakfast like this either.  I use to unknowingly punish myself with pancakes smothered with butter and syrup or a “healthy” pile of fruit compote loaded with sugar, maybe some whipped cream, too.  Grains, sugar, dairy, the three big don’ts on the paleo diet.  Yes, it takes discipline to abandon this behavior but the rewards are measured in your appearance, health, and fitness level.  I feel I’m performing at a much higher level than a year ago: faster, stronger, and quicker.  No doubt, I am more confident as a result.  Okay, back to food.  I LOVE SHRIMP!  I rarely eat it based on cholesterol awareness, but I found many benefits in shrimp including Omega 3 fat, B12, and Selenium.  Today, I sauteed some baby broccoli and a dozen 31-40 shrimp with olive oil and fresh garlic.  Yum!  It was the perfect paleo breakfast to celebrate another year!  Explore your favorite foods and use them in your next breakfast.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Breakfast!

  1. One, happy birthday. We’re only a few days apart.
    Two, I amazed to read about your progress. Sign, I once had your discipline. After reading to the part “giving up grains, sugar, and dairy” I almost went into a cold sweat. I once quit sugar (with excellent results) but eventually fell off the wagon. The first two weeks is serious ugly withdraw party. It takes nerves of steel to quit sugar, cause It sucks. But you did it. The natural energy boost is incredible.

  2. Happy Birthday to you, too! Yes, on the withdrawal from sugar, but I’m happy I traded the 7 day long headache for no headaches in over a year! Thanks for reading!

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