Memories for Breakfast!

Did you ever have that perfect dinner, with that perfect dish, and that perfect person to share it with?  And then, you even got to take a doggie bag home with just the right amount left for a snack?  I had a superb piece of salmon yesterday.  It was fresh, it was perfectly cooked and delicious.  Of course, I wanted to save a piece for my favorite meal: breakfast!  I refrigerated that salmon in a small ziplock bag.  Ziplocks are great space savers and you don’t have to deal with boxes in your fridge.  By the time I wake up, I’m usually starving, so I’m ready for a hearty meal.  This is where most people fail in their diets.  They believe carbs will fill them up, whereas protein does a better job of that.  Compare a bowl of cereal, grains, sugar, dairy and worthless calories, to this.  While still in that ziplock bag, I broke the salmon up into nice, bite-sized pieces, threw them into my pre-heated teflon pan (no oil because salmon has plenty of fats to cook with), tossed for a few minutes, getting those crispy brown edges I love, threw a half handful of fresh spinach in and watched those leaves wilt, then put in two egg whites (just enough to cover the pan).  Don’t forget a little squeeze of lemon can really enhance your favorite paleo dish.  Yum!  Flashback to the first time I tasted that salmon!

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