The Other RED Meat!

I believe the trick to maintaining a healthy diet is to keep changing your meals.  If you find yourself eating the same thing day after day, meal after meal, it can get boring and you will be more apt to go back to bad habits.  Let’s talk about your everyday choices for protein.  Under paleo, you’ve got chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, pork, and lean beef.  But, you also have lamb, venison, quail, and bison.  Once you’ve given up grains, sugar and dairy, it doesn’t take long to start seeing other opportunities to improve upon your food choices, namely meats raised eating those same grains you’ve already abandoned.  Most commercially produced beef is raised on grains and corn.  Finding grass fed beef can be a challenge, but it’s available.  Lamb is more often grass fed than not and the same goes for bison.  But, lamb can be very fatty and you really have to look for the leanest cuts.  Do some reading on bison and you’ll find that bison wins out over beef in fat, calories, and cholesterol.  I believe this is because bison have been roaming for centuries, untouched by commercial production and free from eating grains and corn.  Ground bison can be found in most markets.  It’s a little more expensive but well worth the money.  It has great flavor and cooks just like beef.  This morning, I had a little bison burger with a pile of arugula and lemon, and figs are in season.  This has got to be one of my favorite meals since launching the blog.  Enjoy!

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