Big Pile of Greens

Pick a green, any green, then eat a big pile of it.  Most of us reserve our salads for sides and lunches and I’ve met many that just don’t eat them at all.  My favorites are arugula and spinach, just for their versatility alone.  Pre-washed greens are available in most markets and are inexpensive enough to keep around all the time.  Arugula is a nice bitter green to pair with fattier foods.  When you’re cooking with olive oil, it’s not necessary to toss your greens in olive oil, too.  You’ll find that you’ll have a great balance without any dressing.  If you want to add something to mellow out the bitterness of arugula, try a lemon.  Believe it or not, citrus fruits can transform your greens with just a little squeeze.  Lemons are plentiful.  Here in California they’re in most back yards, and at Trader Joe’s there only about 20 cents a piece.  Transitioning to paleo will be a lot easier if you make greens a go-to for every meal.



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