The Other Breakfast Meat

Bacon and Sausage have dominated the breakfast meat scene for centuries.  Here’s the problem…Check out the ingredients and see what you’re getting these days.  Loads of salt and sugar.  Unfortunately, unless you’re getting house made bacon or sausage, you don’t really know what’s in there.  I understand, it’s a guilty pleasure most of us have.  10 years ago, I was eating a pound of bacon a week.  Whenever I saw bacon in a dish on the menu, I’d order it.  These are bad habits.  Meat isn’t bad, but fatty meat should be avoided on the paleo diet, and processed meats especially.  What’s the alternative?  What’s the other white meat?  You’ve already seen me cook with chicken and turkey for breakfast.  Can you guess what I cooked today?  Chicken livers!  I eat them once a week, either for breakfast or dinner.  I buy Mary’s organic chicken livers at Whole Foods.  At $2.99 a pound, they’re very affordable.  A few ounces are 40 or 50 cents worth and perfect for a breakfast side.  I will usually eat 5 or 6 ounces and forgo the eggs.  I’ll also make them my main course meat for dinner and serve with greens and roots.  Paleolithic man apparently spent a lot of time scavenging organ meats that other animals left behind.  Anthropologists say this led to our rapid brain growth.  Eat liver, get bigger brain.


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