Salmon isn’t your typical Monday morning breakfast.  But, when you cook it for Sunday supper, it can be.  I make it a habit to plan my dinners for leftovers.  It saves time and I can get a better breakfast that way.  Salmon is a favorite for its high protein and high Omega 3 fats.  When Salmon is on sale, buy it.  Just three ounces provides 20 grams of protein and almost 2000 mg of Omega 3.  You can reheat a piece of salmon and sautee some spinach in the same pan.  Today, I added a roasted parsnip, which cooks at 400 degrees in about  10 minutes.  I don’t add any salt to my meals.  There are plenty of flavors in these foods.  Those of you watching blood pressure can watch it drop if you start eating this way every day.


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