Eat Real Food!

If Caveman didn’t eat it, neither should you.  I’ve heard a lot of interesting terms from friends and co-workers: breakfast soda, morning chips, good m-oreos.  It kills me to see people eating like this.  STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING IN A PACKAGE!  I know this is easier said than done.  Here are the exceptions.  When there’s only one ingredient, it’s a better choice.  Pre-packaged, prepared produce like the beets I highlighted earlier this month, or pre-washed bags of greens, but not DORITOS.  Seriously?  DORITOS for breakfast?  No wonder there are so many sick people.  Soda?  That’s 40 grams of sugar first thing in the morning.  Oreos?  Eat real food, fresh food.  You’ll be a much happier, healthier person and you’ll be surprised what your body looks like after a month or two by making these simple changes: no sugar, no dairy, no grains.  This morning, two large mushrooms, sliced, a handful of spinach, an egg, half an avocado and 3 strawberries.

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