I Love Mushrooms!

Mushrooms are a great tasting, nutritious food.  Just a few mushrooms, sauteed or raw, can add all kinds of flavor to any meal.  There are so many varieties available but crimini and white mushrooms seem to be the least expensive and readily available.  You can even buy them pre sliced to speed up your breakfast prep time.  Today, I sauteed mushrooms with a green onion in a drizzle of olive oil.  Once they were browned, I added two egg whites, cooked crisp, then flipped it once.  Today’s greens are Trader Joe’s Organic Spring Mix.  I like the texture of the various leaves for a change from Arugula, which I eat almost every day.  Raspberries were on sale this week so, of course, I took advantage.

One thought on “I Love Mushrooms!

  1. I made a similar egg scramble the other day. My daughter left the room plugging her nose, screaming about how bad it smelled and told me I could never make anything with mushrooms again. It was delicious!

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